This game is still a work-in-progress and doesn't explain some stuff so read the bullet points below for maximum enjoyment. Feedback is encouraged please and thank you!

A Touhou fangame for 9 Jam! Cirno's opened up a resturant in Former Hell, and today's a big day: because all the spirits of the underworld are out to reap her soul. So uh, see if you can help her deal with that.

This game is not fully complete and is missing sound effects as well as some basic pacing/balancing work. If something isn't balanced well just pretend that it is.

Try the Windows build if the web one gives you performance issues.

How to play

  • Left click to grab/use/place/swap items.
  • Right click to quick release an item to inventory (you don't even need to grab it first).
  • Prep the food on the cutting board and then cook it (you can't cut microwave food, sorry that isn't obvious).
  • When cutting, swipe across the food with your mouse, then continue doing so until the food gets grayed out.
  • When seasoning, shake until you start to see stat bonuses (it takes a little while)
  • Each tool has a different way of cooking food, so poke around. With some of them you can overcook the food for a nasty surprise.
  • Hold the food in front of Cirno for another surprise.
  • Give the finished food to your soldiers to fight off waves of evil hungry fairies.
  • The spoon lets you hold and stir on a frying pan to accelerate cooking. The feedback still needs work but if you see smoke that means you're doing it right.
  • Failure is not an option, you're the strongest!


  • Code and stuff - Gman8r
  • Art - admiralPiplup
  • Combat background and effect art - Jenn Li
  • Music - yunum
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Made withUnity


Download 25 MB


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Wonderful all around, and the music shifting was perfect. I'm not sure what wave I reached because the game reset automatically after I lost, but I was at 11 the last time I had checked.

I burned and frozen my ice cubes 10/10 

This game is hard, I could only beat wave 6, took me a while to understand what cooking bonus things do, but when I get it, I finally beat wave 4, also, a pause button would be good, to much pressure.

Onions are good, I like to cut, put salt and cook. I think this is one of the best dishes, not sure if it is worth overcook it, looks like it have less range and more damage, but took so long, but it also depends on fairy position I guess?

Spicy food is not really good, only make that the enemies run towards the building quick, but looks like it at least have a really good damage.  Maybe make it do less damage, but more burn damage over time and don't make enemies run? I'm still not sure of all the bonuses cooking do, so maybe it was the way I cooked.

Also, I have some problems that I want to move a fairy and accidentally pick up her food (took me a while to notice that I need to move they clicking in the arrows bellow than), and that I want pick the food that dropped bellow the fairy and could only pick her ammo, and I got desperate and messed everything.

I love how the music changes when the invasion starts, also, I liked the game play loop so far, I got myself thinking about how to cook things that drops while dealing with the invasion, and recharging the fairy's ammo, it is a nice multitask, and because there is a lot of time before another invasion, it is not that stressful, I only wish I could let Cirno freezing things while I'm doing other things. By the way, I think having the valor of the dishes bellows than would be a great way to make it easy for the player to decide what to do with every dish and to easy know what they do with a glance, like a small number in grey for damage, one in blue for frost damage, etc, just a way to help with the quick decisions that a lot of times the game demand.

huhu this IS cute. mixed genre interplay is something i enjoy a lot. i'm looking forward to playing more of this when you get the features sorted out


Experimenting with different cooking methods is the best part. The genre mashup is neat here - neither one interferes with the other, both feed upon each other. I was reminded of this mobile game called Alchemy, which got me thinking, what if different food ingredients can be cooked together to yield a whole different weapon?


It's very nice!


funny and cute concept but omg pause button pls