This is a little experiment I've been putting together to tweak the old mechanics of one of my old jam games based on feedback I got during the jam. Since I thought this idea had potential, I wanted to tackle the issues of large disparity between players who perform well and those who don't, the difficulty of knowing where bullets are, and making the mechanics more interesting overall.

None of the levels are new (besides some minor enemy placement changes), this game was made as an experiment to see where I can take this concept. If you like or don't like something about what I changed, feel free to leave feedback! Or if you haven't played the original Bun n' Gun, let me know if you liked playing this version.

Anyway enough blabbering from me, here's how to play the new version:

- Use the mouse to shoot and A and D to strafe. Each round only begins when you draw your gun, so think carefully before you draw your gun, bun.

- Press space to jump. Bullets don't follow you in three dimensions so use this to soar over obstacles.

- Hold right click to slow down time into ironsights mode and get a few shots in. The ability drains slowly while using it and faster when you shoot someone with it, giving you time to aim and carefully fire off at who you want to shoot. You can move while in slowdown mode but you can't jump.  Be careful though, drain your ability completely and you'll have to wait for it to fill back up to use it again. Recharge it by killing enemies in normal time and by grazing shots. You start out with a small amount each level and have to earn more. You also get a higher max charge each level.

- There's custom cursor movement with aim assist. You can adjust sensitivities or just switch back to native mouse movement in the main menu. Press escape to be able to move your mouse out of the window.

- If you're having performance issues on web, try the Windows build below. If you need a non-Windows build then find me and knock on my door I guess.

Game mechanics and v1.Bun changes by me
Shooting engine structure and more programming work by Vivid Turtle
Art by GeneralFefnirski
Music by PigDevil2010

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Made withUnity


Download 22 MB

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