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Its not loading?


It doesn't show the paddles for me


me too I dont know why do you know?

I really love this game but do you have any plans to make an app?

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Hey, sorry for the wait. I actually planned on doing this but forgot for a while. I added an android version for download. I might make a play store page later, but before that I'm going to try for an iOS download. App store is too much money though.

Edit: Looks like iOS won't happen for now. I thought there was a way to make it a download but looks like App Store is the only way.

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Could you release a Mac version? If you need I can test it for you.

Sorry for the delay, I've been busy the last couple of days. But yeah, I actually have a mac mini lying around so I can get that done. Also I didn't even realize I forgot to upgrade the game to Unity pro to get rid of the splash screen. I should be able to take care of all that tomorrow and update the downloads.

Alright, done! Seems to work on my Mac, let me know if it gives you any problems.